7-Port Powered USB HUB 7-Port Powered USB HUB
7-Port Powered USB HUB 7-Port Powered USB HUB

7-Port Powered USB HUB


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This USB HUB has 7 outputs and is tested for use with the new Simkits USB Gauges. 


The HUB has a separate switching power supply of 2 Amp. which input range is from 110 to 240 volts 50/60Hz and can be used world-wide. 


The 7-Port Powered USB HUB is a USB 2.0 compliant device. Width: 10.2 cm., Depth: 7.6 cm., Height: 2.5 cm., Weight: 98 grams. Data transfer speed 480 Mbps. (Hi-Speed USB) 


About USB connections:

The USB system allows the connection to a PC of a maximum of 255 USB ports. To connect multiple USB devices to our PC, you can connect USB HUBs to your PC USB port to created multiple USB inputs.

Although that you can 'Daisy-Chain" HUBs, it is recommended to create multiple USB inputs by putting the HUBs in parrallel as much as you can.

For example: When you have a PC with 4 USB inputs, then connect a USB HUB to each of these inputs, which offers then finally 28 USB inputs. 

If you need more USB inputs, then connect to each first HUB another HUB (like in the example when you press the "Details" button on this website page).

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