SimKits Body Shaker

SimKits Body Shaker

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Great experience, great feeling! The Simkits Body Shaker is an electronic device which when connected to the output of an amplifier producing the Flight Simulator sounds creates the vibrations of as if you were in a real aircraft. 


The Simkits Body Shaker can be mounted under your seat and produces the low vibrations in according with the motor sound and for example the "bump" sound when you land on the runway. It creates a realistic feeling as "I am in a real aircraft" when using your flight simulator! 


The Simkits Body Shaker is treated as a low frequency "woofer" type loudspeaker and can be connected to any amplifier with a 4-8 ohm output (normal speaker output). 


The power is up to 300Watt, Impedance is 4 Ohm and the frequency range is 28-55Hz. 


The Simkits Body Shaker is built into a closed aluminum pressure chamber and can be mounted with 4 normal screws (not included). 


The size of the Simkits Body Shaker is (WxDxH) 135 x 135 x 63 mm.

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